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Tom Scocca's going to hate me for sending this, but you really should read his piece on smarm, the defining tone of modern media. It's relevant to us because by modern media I mean social media, and by social media I mean Buzzfeed and Upworthy, our two most vigorous competitors.

I didn't have anything to do with this critique. It's very long, almost designed to clog the pipes of social media. And Scocca, don't worry, you are still far from my favorite writer.


(At most I have an alliance of convenience with the snarkers. The drive to win is too strong. I'd never throw in my lot with a marginal fringe. I am way more future-loving io9 than griping Gawker.)

But — armored in snark — there is a serious and positive purpose. Scocca's case is not heart-warming, but it has heart. I am hereby adopting this as the Gawker Media manifesto.


Read it, if you want to understand what we do, the moral case for our least popular practices.

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