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The case for gay marriage -- made inadvertently 50 years ago!

In 1963, the New York Times reported on the growing problem of homosexuality in the city. (Thanks, Brandon Thorp, for the link.)

The article is a shocking reminder of a legacy of homophobia even in this most liberal of American cities. But deep in the article there's a passage which might as well come from Andrew Sullivan or some other conservative advocate for gay marriage.


Many homosexuals dream of forming a permanent attachment that would give them the sense of social and emotional stability others derive from heterosexual marriage, but few achieve it.

The absence of any legal ties, plus the basic emotional instability that is inherent in many homosexuals, cause most such homosexuals' partnerships to founder on the jealousies and personality clashes that a heterosexual union would survive.


Hence, most homosexuals are condemned to a life of promiscuity — the cruising of bars seeking casual partners.

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