Nick Denton
Illustration for article titled Ronan Farrow doubles his chance of a date on a Saturday night

If Ronan Farrow is planning to hold the line at bisexuality — like an insecure 1970s rock star — he should at least do so with a little panache.

There's a weak item in Richard Johnson's column about the future MSNBC host's dating life, placed by an anonymous 'friend'. He's dated women like Tory Burch as well as a male Obama speechwriter, apparently.


The spin have worked better with a quote from Farrow's estranged father, by which I mean Woody Allen, the man who married mother Mia Farrow, rather than Frank Sinatra, the man the former actress hopes was responsible for the impregnation. One of Woody Allen's most enduring though dated sayings: "Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night."

Ronan Farrow — while happy to make a joke of his incestuous father — must not want to give the film maker credit for his better lines. That blind hatred gets in the way of otherwise skillful spin.

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