The Hogan Verdict

The decision by a Florida jury to grant $140 million in damages for a story on about a Hulk Hogan sex tape was extraordinary. The number is far larger than even the plaintiff himself had asked for in relief. It’s a huge pay-day for an indiscretion that would have been quickly forgotten, one among many in…


North and South

The Northern white, having had little actual contact with the Negro, is devoted to an abstract principle of cordial interracial relations. The North has long considered, in a theoretical way, that it supported brotherhood and the equality of man, but the truth is that deep prejudices and discriminations exist in


Victoria's Secret

Here's a story behind a story. The British papers and their extensions in the United States, which include the Drudge Report, are in a predictable excitement over a minor royal's relationship with a woman who claims she was an under-age sex slave. Bill Clinton is also involved, which provides a tangential but…